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            Filling in Electronic Debit Orders

            fastQuotes uses Zoho Sign for the electronic completion of debit order forms. 

            If we have sent you a debit order form you can click on the Start Signing button in the email.

            This will take you to the debit order form:

            Step 1 - Accept the Terms and Conditions at the top of the screen - this is to agree that we can send you electronic documents and you can request a paper copy, etc

            Step 2 - Click Start signing

            Step 3 - Fill in the form

            Step 4 - Create Signature

            Click on the Signature box and use the signature wizard to create your signature:

            Option 1 - Type

            Option 2 - Draw

            Option 3 - Upload

            Step 5 - Click Finish

            You can then download or email a copy to yourself
            Updated: 27 May 2018 04:39 AM
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